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Before chasing after Legends, you'll need to stock up on some Poke Balls . Ultra Balls have 2x the capture rate of a regular Poke Ball, but if you only use Ultra Balls against Legends, there's a good chance you'll use 40 before finally snagging the beasts. If the Legendary Pokemon is encountered at night time or inside a cave, use Dusk Balls instead. Dusk Balls can be purchased in Fallarbor Town , and have a capture rate when used at night or in caves. Another great ball is the Timer Ball , which has a 4x capture rate if more than 30 turns have passed during the battle. Timer Balls can be purchased from Rustboro City after speaking with the Devon Researcher on Route 116 after clearing Rusturf Tunnel .

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Amnesia Scanner - AS TruthAmnesia Scanner - AS TruthAmnesia Scanner - AS TruthAmnesia Scanner - AS Truth