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He was a member of five World Series championship teams – 1992 with the Toronto Blue Jays and 1996 , 1998 , 1999 and 2000 with the New York Yankees . His 8–3 career postseason record came over 21 games and 111 innings pitched , with an earned run average (ERA) of ; in World Series play, his ERA was . [2]

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The first 24 hours of Fandango pre-sales for Black Panther have set a new MCU record blah blah. Hollywood Elsewhere says “fine but calm down — the second weekend is what counts.” My suspicion is that the first all-black superhero flick — a super=charged concept if I ever heard one — is going to perform like gangbusters for at least two or three weeks, if not four or five. Depending on how good it is . I was initially revved, but the trailers have suggested a fleet, flash-bang quality …a little too gleaming and shiny-car . That said, it looks, sounds and feels like a legitimate, high-throttle superhero vehicle. And my faith in director Ryan Coogler ( Creed, Fruitvale Station ) has never been shaken.

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