Cutting agent unorthodox self mutilation

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According to the new backstory introduced in Captain America: Steve Rogers , Steve’s mother Sarah is saved from her husband’s abuse by a Hydra agent named Elisa Sinclair. Elisa later invites Sarah and little Steve out for dinner, leaving them with a pamphlet encouraging them to attend the Brooklyn chapter meeting of Hydra. And, having being imprinted from that meeting on, Steve Rogers—Captain America, champion of World War II, the moral compass of the Marvel Universe—is, and has always been, an undercover agent for Hydra—the organization he has been seemingly “fighting” since WWII.

In the wake of his messy divorce from actress Amber Heard following her allegations that he abused her  and recent financial woes , however, Depp’s superstar status is now in jeopardy.

Cutting Agent Unorthodox Self MutilationCutting Agent Unorthodox Self MutilationCutting Agent Unorthodox Self MutilationCutting Agent Unorthodox Self Mutilation